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What is Guest posting?

Guest posting-blogging is an effective and powerful way for building high quality backlinks and increase quality realationship with audience. Guest posting on high authority sites and platforms helps to increase brand value and increase quality traffic to your blog or website.

Content format for guest posting submission on our site.
  1. We allow 1 do-follow links (1 site) for a lifetime, per paid guest post.
  2. The minimum content range that can be required is 500 Words and Maximum up to ​2000 words​.
  3. The article must have proper H1, H2, H3 tags.
  4. We allow only 1 Image for post.
  5. Research keywords both short and long tail for your article mention them in the submission form, for SEO Purpose.
  6. Make smaller, meaningful and straightforward sentences.
  7. Make smaller paragraphs, 4-5 lines are enough per para. The article must explain your topic thoroughly. ( Don't post for the sake of getting back-links to your blog.
  8. Your guest post must provide value to the reader, and it should not be for self-promotion.
  9. Please check your article for Grammatical Errors.
Important Tips for Guest Posting Sites - Free guest posting always less impact than paid guest blogging sites. Write a maximum length of content for best guest blogging sites. Guest blogging sites is always getting crawl by Google.

We dont't allow guest posting on following topics or links for the products or services as-

  1. Gambling - casino, poker, betting, etc.
  2. Finance - investments, Forex, loans, Cryptocurrencies, etc. , CBD/Vaping, Green Card, Dating / 18+, adult sites, porn sites, sex toys, drugs, chemicals, animals. (Please read our terms and conditions for banneed products and services on

  3. Prices - The price will be $300 for 1 post including transaction fees and have to pay by PayPal or any other payment gateway provided by us.

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